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Boarding for Your Furry Friends

David and his staff would like to welcome customers new and old to Rushmere Kennels & Cattery.
Over the last four and a half years
Rushmere Kennels & Cattery has undergone an
extensive refurbishment and modernisation.

We have reduced our number of kennels and cat pens and have upgraded all the facilities for a more
high end experience.

We are pleased to announce that East Suffolk council has awarded Rushmere Kennels & Cattery a 5 star rating, the highest rating for boarding kennels.
In the meantime it's business as usual, only better!

Call us on 01502 740 612 to book
or email us here.


DOG BOARDING           


All kennels have their own inside bedroom area, with their own heaters and double-glazed acoustic doors. They will have access to an outdoor run which they can go in and out of all day, alongside 2 play sessions in our large play paddock every day. A discount is given for two or more dogs from the same family sharing a kennel. All dogs are fed on hypoallergenic, grain-free food, with or without meat.


Drop off and collection on the same day.

This includes 2 play sessions in our paddock, bedding, and feeding during the day if required. 



All cats are boarded in our luxury cat chalets, with their own bedroom with a sleeping pod, window view, and an inside run they can use all day to watch the world go by.  A discount is applied if two or more cats from the same family are sharing a chalet. We feed all cats on hypoallergenic, grain-free food and meat. 

You are more than welcome to bring your pet's own food, bedding, toys and treats for their stay, this does not affect the price.

Kitty Scratch
Golden Dog
dog running with toy
Green Eyed Cat
Dog in Action
Licking Cat
Beagle Puppy
Dog Outside
Dog Walker at the Park
Rescue Puppy
Cute Cat
Cat Eyes
Pug Closeup
Tug of War
Orange Tabby Cat
Dog Listening
Shih-Tzu at Beach
Brown Dogs
Canine Hairdresser
Two dogs
Sweet Dog
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